Drinking water whiles eating

Nutritionists have different opinions as to whether it is ideal to drink water while eating. I for one stand for not drinking water.

There is no doubt that once a while, you may need to take a sip of water, say food chokes you, or the spices are too much, or maybe you just need to “encourage” that large bolus to go on its journey down. But in these cases, a sip is just enough.

Gastric acid in the stomach is diluted when water is taken with food. This may be irrelevant depending on the dilution factor (quantity of water). This is why I think a sip is allowed but not more. Some however argue that, acid of PH 1 will need loads of water to dilute it too much, however, you’re better safe than sorry.

Other enzymes in the digestive tract will also be diluted and their function reduced.

Making food soft and aiding digestion is what water does. I agree to this but only to an extent. Instead of preparing that rice so that it is barely soft. Prepare it to be soft, chew it very well, so it can digest better. Taking a gallon of water after an improperly cooked food can only make your stomach big. lol

Also, you feel satisfied when you drink water and this deprives you of nutrients you should get from food. It is better to eat to your satisfaction, then take water after some time.

Some people say they don’t get satisfied when they don’t take water before eating. Well, that may not be true, in that, those people may otherwise be eating too fast to realise they are satisfied before the food finishes. So my counsel, try eating slowly. It takes quite some time for you to know you’re satisfied.

Some people also experience acid reflux (heartburn). Drinking water after a meal may worsen the problem.

This post however does not intend to say water is bad to drink. Water is so so good but should be regulated immediately before or after meals.

What you should do

  • Cook the food as soft as can be but don’t overdo it
  • Chew solid food well before swallowing
  • Eat slowly
  • A sip of water is not bad
  • if you have problems with swallowing, take semi-solid foods

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